A library comprises of the life long thought processes and experiences of the educationists, scholars, scientists, thinkers and philosophers of every spheres of life in form of books which not only guide and decide the bright future of the coming generations but also pave their ways.

Usually it is said that "library is the heart of the college or university" but it can also be said that library is the soul of civilization because the knowledge and culture of a country and their origin and development can be found at one place i.e. library

A library is called a store-house of books not the library if it fails to provide the related and desired study material to its reader at the time of their needs. Therefore, a library needs not only good and relevant collection of books but also experienced, trained, able and sensitive personnel that should have not only the knowledge of the library science but should have such a sensitive mind that never considers book as a mere piece of paper but a legacy and heritage of previous knowledge.

Our college Central Library is one of the best libraries in Kanpur in terms of the collection of books and relevant study material for students in various subjects at UG, PG and research level as well as for the staff members.

The specialty of our central library is its prosperity of Urdu books which is not possible to find at any other place in the city. Free internet and reprographic facilities are also available for staff and students. Students borrow the books from the circulation counter. Our library holds around 40000 titles that include reference books, text books, journals and magazines.

The Central Library of Halim Muslim P.G. college came into existence in 1959 with the establishment of the college. At the very outset its journey began in a small hall containing a few book shelf and very meager number of books .But now it contains 40000 books on various subjects along with 10 journals of distinct academic interests, 10 daily news papers and 07 magazines covering almost all branches of human interests. The reading room of the library has seating capacity of more than 50 students at a time where they can consult various reference and text books on their respective subjects during the free hours.

The computerization of library has been started. Data entry, cataloging etc. are in progress through a software for the automation of the library.

The future plan for the library is to automate the circulation service, digitization, beautification of the reading room and to provide the audio visual study resources to the students.
Syed Mahmood Ahmad