There is also provision for N.C.C. training in the college which is optional. The N.C.C. training leading to award of certificates B and C is imparted under supervision and guidance of Captain M.S.H. Zafar Annual Training Camps. Attachment Camps, Basic Leadership courses also held regularly.

Sub Unit Halim Muslim P.G. College Kanpur (U.P.) India
Name of the sub Unit 2/59 UP BN NCC, Kanpur
Name of the Unit 59UP BN NCC, Kanpur
Authorized strength 50
Name of the associate Capt. M.S.H. Zafar

NCC-Officer Enrolment in NCC: I'st week of August in every academic session.Benefits of NCC:
  • (A) Incentive/ Bonus marks are given in many public and private sector services, education courses etc.
  • (B) Number of vacancies are reserved for NCC-'C' certificate holders in Armed- Forces as an Officer.
  • (C) Duration of NCC : 'B' Certificate after one year.
  • (D) Programme : 'C' Certificate after two years.
  • Contact Person : Capt. M.S. H. Zafar
  • Sub Unit Commander
  • H.M.P.G. College, Kanpur